Announcement: With on-board cameras for track days

Their days are growing in popularity both for people who experience high-speed driving in cars or just the top model for others who push their own bikes and cars to the limit in a safe environment. No extreme driving experience would be complete without a DVD to demonstrate to Lewis Hamilton as skills to family and friends. If this is a must-have for you it’s worth checking out what is on offer at your route of choice, before the day itself. Some tracks you can take to your own board, helmet camera, you can have another movie that you sign a waiver and some are an absolute prohibition are four scenarios.:

Someone at the track might be on hand to offer their services to you with a camera up to your experience, provide a film set. This service usually includes the installation of the camera, dealing with all the shooting and burning the videos to a DVD, you should expect to pay between £ 25 -. £ 35 for this type of packaging.

The second and popular option is to bring your own helmet camera. Most of the regular tracks across the country are perfectly happy for people to have a helmet camera or on-board camera to use, but they will make sure to secure the assembly of the camera.

Third, the more important tracks like Silverstone and Brands Hatch will you need a disclaimer promising that the material is for personal use only and not uploaded to sign on the Internet. At these tracks, you also need to have permission of the stewards on the camera off and on again to check they are, whether it is stationary.

A handful of songs are fully secured against an in-car, on-board, or helmet cameras on action in their footsteps. Unfortunately, the legendary Nurburgring, where it will be a lifetime ban if they try to sneak a camera on the route to catch.

The selection of a camera

If you enjoy the track quite often, or if you would work with the camera on the street or for various other sports, then it may be cheaper to buy your own. A starter camera at retail from just £ 99 and £ 299 for you in a position to a top-spec to get HD Action Cam. The most popular cameras and the best for shooting a trackday and other motor sports are on board cameras.


There are several ways to perform an action camera mount to optimize results, depending on both individual preferences and the particular sport. In the field of motorsport, the correct installation of the camera is an important consideration, such as track-day official not allow an action camera is not mounted securely. While industrial strength adhesive has at great speeds, that wont cut it easily tested with the officials. You need a purpose built camera mount that fits to either have or clips on your handlebars or forks. Panavise suction mounts are also on most tracks, the good news is, as the suction cup you can place the action camera to your helmet, bike-tank, the outside or inside your car or pretty much anywhere else where to find one acceptable smooth surface.

Every track and race day official expressing his opinion on the best and safest way to have in-car use, on-car, on-board, or helmet mounted cameras to film your race day action. You can rent them on the track or bring your own, in this case, you can be sure to have a safe installation, so you can take in a position it on the track to capture their experiences mu need.



Achieve outstanding performance fit for racing

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Capturing Outdoor Sports

If you’re into outdoor sports, then you’re probably aware that they probably make for some of the best photos and videos of yourself you’re getting. Whether it’s a picture of you climbing some spectacular rock wall or doing a fantastic test bed (even starting from a rocky slope on the other by the arm strength alone), his screeching around the corner or under the Anfu Guide the pack at high speeds, or whether its a dangerous looking deposit on a wakeboard – there are plenty of golden moments in an outdoor or extreme sports and its great to be able, these moments on film or capture in still pictures to be able to enjoy on future occasions. The graphics of these pictures is superb, they are just as good as the graphics of playing games at high quality casinos that put emphasise on game-play and quality of the games. Imagine a high-definition photo of spiderman hanging on by a high stalactites in a cave, or upload a montage of your most treasured moments on YouTube. You’ve seen other people, but until now you’ve lacked the equipment and the know-how to capture your own exploits in the same way. As easy as you go about getting the best of these moments on film?

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Your best friend in this predicament will be a Go Pro Go Pro HD camera such as the Naked or motor sports. These have many advantages and will be attached to your helmet, your vehicle or equipment to high definition (1080dp) video from your use without having to worry about getting shots capture. Alternatively, you can take to high-quality images at set intervals, as you can about your company that much fun look at, if you can go to get it back.

The Naked Go Pro HD can then be adjusted as you please – whether it points to itself for an up-close-and-portrait of your own persona to express, or to your helmet to the action to collect from your point of view. These then you get much better action shots than you could otherwise achieve, as it does movies for the entire duration of your activity, you will not miss one of those amazing moments of un-predictable, and because it frees your hands so you can focus on the sport.

However, this has some limitations in that they have a very close-up of itself, it doesn’t for a lot of understanding for the context, or an eye-view (from the helmet mount), which by anyone huh can be taken tten and maintains the ability to capture or risk involved in what you do. A single Go Pro HD Naked and motor sport is a great starting point then, but if are serious about more great shots of your sport or pass time youre then you should buy more Go Pro cameras to get several different angles on your adventures. In this way, then edited together a comprehensive picture of the tapestry of images and videos and they work together for a more complete picture of your activities.

Also a good idea is to ensure that more than one of your Party a Go Pro with them, so you can get 3rd-person video and pictures of you, which means that your jumps and tricks from a distance, the can be processed in view have to get the fantastic images that will look great one of your wall.


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Go Pro HD Naked undGo Pro HD Motorsports are some of the most popular models for capturing sports events.



More sports and used for the Go Pro

Go Pro cameras are unique because they allow you to close up shots of some of your most exciting sports and activities, without having to keep always someone who cares and aim a camera (which is not only very boring for the person appointed to a cameraman, but also leads to a poorer view of the action instead of shivering in the best of times and from a considerable distance from the sport itself, not to come in the way). As such, those who either a Go or Go Naked Pro HD are HD Pro Motorsport’s in an enviable position and have a big advantage when it comes to filming their exploits, they do not want to waste coming.

This of course means that those who do can rally to get a great view of the dirt road from the vicinity, and the Go Pro Motorsports HD (as the name implies) purpose built for racing. But these are not the only sports and activities that benefit from a bit of footage from the vicinity and there are many other activities that can make great use of these cameras can. If you have such a small camera that have on your person, then it means you can literally record every activity and thanks to the durability of the devices of these activities a rough or so wet as you want.

So, what is rather unusual activities may call for a Go Naked Pro HD or similar camera? On the one hand there is the kind of extreme sports who need a vehicle that many devices or dont. For example, skateboarding or inline skating can be a great opportunity to do shots of themselves on a half-pipe tricks to get. In the meantime, even without a board, it can be good for parkour (free running), or climbing, some breathtaking moments.

Since the Go Naked Pro HD can attach to any helmet, this also means you can use it during the contact martial arts (which often require that you wear a helmet) film. As blows to the side of protecting the camera will be, will be all right on the top and in the meantime, your eye-view of a big fight like something from a Bruce Lee movie. That’s something to think that only a few people to do, but makes it particularly exciting footage.

Water resistant to an extent, the HD Naked also an excellent addition to a number of quieter water sports like fishing or dingying. Here, if you’re with friends you can capture something of the atmosphere. White water rafting is another great opportunity to capture some exciting movie, so if you’re going on vacation, you should always be sure to take your Go Pro. Even just walking around a new and exciting location can be a good time to record some video. You could wander a fun interaction into a flea market with a local or a breathtaking view from the top of a mountain to capture.

Even if you’re a sport, dont do themselves as such, the possession of a Go Pro is a good excuse to be creative. Why not do a video of yourself skills with a ball or play practical jokes (of the Go Pro HD Naked is beautifully small and easy to hide) and then upload it to YouTube?