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The compact Fabia wont be the only new offering from Skoda in the new year. A completely new version of its flagship luxury sedan, the Superb is expected to make its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and then hit the Indian roads before the end of the existing year.Like Superb, which be built based on the previous generation Volkswagen Passat platform, the new on a stretched version of the latest Passat chassis. The new car will certainly share some of the same features as the previous model, the rear seat space and comfort in competition with the best luxury sedans, with only a fraction of the price.This picture shows a little lean and look interesting, as are good . Nevertheless, they’ll work hard to make the new Superb from the Passat, which has only recently made his debut in the Indian market to differentiate.

The Lotus name is an icon in the history of motor sport. Lotus was founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman probably one of the greatest automotive engineers ever. They have since won the F1 world championship seven times.

Chapman firmly convinced that weight is the enemy of performance. This philosophy is still to be met much of the company. To follow many sports car makers claim to this belief, but none with quite the same purity and purposefulness as a Lotus.

Your success in the past hasn’t a smooth ride in the company’s recent history, however, guaranteed. Lotus has changed hands several times in the recent past, but is currently in good shape with majority ownership in the hands of Proton – the Malaysian national car manufacturer Lotus has 80% of the property since 1996. The company is still headquartered in Norfolk in the UK, however.

Off late, Lotus have sought to expand its presence in the global market, and are currently in Thailand, Korea and Malaysia and, of course. India is next on the radar. Lotus is looking for dealers and plans to launch its famous Elise model in 18 months.

The Elise was launched in 1996 – a car that’s a huge success and changed the fortunes of the company. The car has a fiberglass body on a very unique aluminum chassis, and the glued together not only extremely light but rigid structure are also riveted made.

The Elise has produced a 1.8-liter, 4 cylinder, mid-engine Toyota-engine, 190bhp, which may not sound like much, but it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in under 5 seconds. Moreover, since his debut, was widely considered his best dealing with the car in the world. This is a pure sports car in every respect – so much so that until recently were just as comfortable rugs and a CD player optional equipment.

Frankly, the Elise is more on a racetrack than the daily routine, especially on Indian roads. But then we could also be a F1 track in the NCR in 2010 – would be a practical tool, in fact, at which time an Elise.



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