Road Race Rally – Wear the legend!

Road Race Rally is one of the leading online provider of motorsport clothing and apparel, automotive, books, art and motorsports die-cast cars and bikes, catering for all motorsports enthusiasts. The company aims to promote the history of motor sports and the preservation of the classic races in which legends were made. The clothing is designed and manufactured in Australia and recalls major motor sports moments that will forever remain of motor sports professionals and devoted fans in mind.

The brand R3, the three words refer Rally and Race Street, was founded in 2005 by sports car enthusiasts Matthew Dagg. At that time, the market for motor sports and racing apparel and clothing was underdeveloped and offers untapped opportunities for innovative motorsports products and designs for historic, vintage and collector car enthusiasts. Matthew, a lifelong motor sport enthusiast with a background in design saw this as a perfect platform to launch R3.

Matthew took R3 to the Australian public, the Festival of Speed ​​on Tweed. Since then R3 products in every state in Australia and offshore locations, including New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain sold, Japan and Great Britain.

R3 is to design and produce a wide range of motor sports and racing apparel for everyone in vintage and collector cars paid interest suit. The company offers premium-quality clothing with a variety of prints, a wide range of colors and sizes from small to XX large. R3 T-shirts are the perfect birthday or Christmas gift idea for friends and family. These stylish t-shirts are made from 100 percent cotton for comfort with double stitching for durability. The display will include the processes using the latest equipment and technologies and the colors used to print the best commercial grade available. This ensures the highest quality and durability of the garment design.

For motor sport enthusiasts who sold a piece of motorsport technology at his own request, also Race Rally Road Racing Car Prints from the world’s leading automotive artists like Michael and Graham Turner. R3S finest collection of open edition signed and limited edition prints are automotive thoughtful gifts for every motor sport supporters. The artists have performed extensive studies to create a kind of art that is realistic and represents an actual event with great historical importance to develop.

For a detailed historical account of a specific motorsport events, R3 also source a range of general automotive and racing books from leading publishers. To find access to a wide range of books that automotive enthusiasts a book on almost every historical event at a very attractive price.

R3 also has a wide range of races, rallies and street collectors die cast cars and motorcycles, primarily in the scales of 1 / 18 and 1 / 43 R3 provides access to thousands of collectors motorsports die-cast cars and motorcycles from all major manufacturers such as Minichamps, Autoart, Kyosho, Biante and Classic Carlectables name a few.

R3 is proud to offer very competitive prices and deliver almost anywhere.



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